Welcome to the official website of Ernest Langston.

Ernest Langston is a multifaceted writer, focusing on character-driven storylines.  His short stories gained publication in several literary journals and magazines.  In 2012, his debut novel, Born from Ashes, was self-published and, within two years, he released his second novel, Beyond Everyday Secrets.  Ernest writes screenplays, television pilots, and holds a degree in English.  He resides on the West Coast.


5 Comments on “Welcome

  1. I am looking for someone to help with a script. I am dying. Cancer. I have months to live. I don’t have the endurance to hammer a script out and run it through the ‘find a buyer.’mill.
    I have a military true story from the 80’s. On the edge of the cold war. An attempt by someone/s who tried to stop president Reagan and a mutiny that happened.

    • Sorry to learn of your illness. I’m not exactly sure what you’re looking for here. Developing a script for market takes months, even years some times, and comes without a guarantee of a sale. Your story sounds interesting, but I’m currently in a project, but I could assist you with advice to help guide your project. Thanks for reaching out, David.

      • I am looking for someone to create the script from the information that I have done the legwork for. I fully realize I may not see the finished product. I want someone who is willing to split 30/70 with me. My family gets 30% of all proceeds. The script writer and or person who puts it infront of people who matter gets 70%. It’s an amazing story, yes it may not sell immediately. but once someone reads it, it will go to production and yes I understand everyone who writes an idea says the same thing. The diff is that it’s all true. Right now, there is no proof. But when the script gets bought, people on both sides of the coin will jump on this. Hopefully, the ones on the ‘lets hide this’ are dead or retired enough to not care will out the number of people who will say.. “Yeah I remember this.” I understand you are in a project. I have been told II have until the end of june. as in, this could be my drop dead date (Heh). So We could work together or you could point me at someone or point someone at me. I don’t care. I just need this to happen.
        Good to talk with you by the way. 🙂

      • David, I’ve been thinking about your need for a screenwriter. Here are two online resources that you could try to find a writer for your project: International Screenwriters Association and Stage32. These are great places to find writers looking for projects. You should take a look and post your idea. 🙂

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