Welcome to the official website of Ernest Langston.

Ernest Langston is a multifaceted writer, working in a variety of genres. In 2012, his debut novel, Born from Ashes, was self-published; his second novel, Beyond Everyday Secrets, was published in 2014.  In 2018, his feature-length screenplay, Electric Lazarus, was a finalist in the Seattle Film Summit/Bigfoot Script Challenge.

In 2019, Ernest received the PEN Writer’s Award and became a Can Serrat International Artist Residency recipient. His short story, The All-Time Low All-Stars, was published in The Pitkin Review: Spring 2020 edition. In 2020, Ernest’s stage play, The Love Solstice, was performed at Goddard College’s Take Ten! Play Festival.

Ernest holds a degree in English and an MFA in Creative Writing. He is a PEN America member and resides on the West Coast.

Click the links below for more info.

Born from Ashes

Beyond Everyday Secrets

The Pitkin Review: Spring 2020 edition

Né des Cendres

Pour mes lecteurs français. Prendre plaisir!

Ernest Langston thanks you for your support!

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