Day Tripping at the S.F. Zoo

I was driving around the city the other day and found myself at the zoo and took some  pictures.  I should’ve taken more, but, at times, I was too lost in the moment to think of anything other than the animals.

Obviously, these are not real animals, just a cool mural. It should be in my living room.

Now, here are some real ones….

This guy was just watching all the people go by, nothing more than another day at the office


Yeah, I’m a hawk… what? You’ve never seen a hawk before? Only three more hours until my shift is over (yawn).

Then, there were these guys.

Groundhogs’ Day, all day, everyday, 24/7

These guys had a cable show.

Can you guess the name of our T.V. show?

Well, that’s basically it.  I saw many more animals, but didn’t take photos of them.  It was a fun day at the zoo (cooler than I expected).  If you get a chance to visit a zoo, take it; it’s probably been a while since you’ve visited one.  Enjoy!


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