There Is No Finish Line

I believe each one of us has a special goal and or dream that we wish fulfilled.  Some goals/dreams may achievable and some may not, depending on the window of opportunity and other various factors.  Perhaps, you’ve openly shared your aspirations, letting everyone know your charted course, or, perhaps, you’ve kept your dream private, personal, hidden from self-appointed critics.  Regardless of your dream, big or small,  and whether you’ve decided to make it public or keep it private, it’s your dream.  Hang on to it and never let it go.  It belongs to you.

A week ago, an agent requested one of my screenplays, which always puts a smile on my face.  The other day, I received some positive news from that agent.  He enjoyed the read, expanded on the script’s details, and tipped his hat to me.  At this point, everything was going great, but I knew a “but” would soon make itself known, and it did.  I was stranded on third base at the end of an inning.  Great job, but no cigar.  The possible script sale balanced on one detail, teetering back and forth, until it fell on the wrong side of yes.

I’ll admit, the agent’s words (positive and encouraging, but no deal) rang in my ears for two days.  I want to sell my script, for a number of reasons, but most importantly, because it is salable, and it is one of my goals/dreams.  I am determined to get a “yes!”  I simply must keep on the path and enjoy the journey, because we all know it is always about the journey, not the destination.  Good things await.  I can feel it.

Abandon all fear and brave the waters. Your destiny awaits!

So, again, thank you for visiting my blog.  I’ll be back with something new in a few days.  Now, go have some fun, put a smile on your face, and wear it like you mean it!  🙂

P.S. Oh, yeah, even this guy has dreams.

Going to the park… playing with my toys… eating more snacks… pretending I understand what he’s saying… then, eating more snacks….

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