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What if everything you love disappeared?

Born from Ashes is a modern-day story about love, loss, hope, and redemption, set in San Francisco. When Miles Burns, a twenty-five-year old, uninspired writer discovers infidelity in his relationship, he begins his social descent, losing his girlfriend, place of residence, bookstore job, and best friend. Financial desperation leads Miles to reluctantly accept an employment offer from a Heidi Fleissesque hustler named Antoinette.

On his dark-humored journey toward redemption, Miles moonlights as a coy escort named Hefner and encounters a variety of tragically amusing clients, each illustrating the idea that not all is what it appears to be. Born from Ashes is a fast-paced tour around the streets of San Francisco with hipster, West Coast characters offering a grab bag of urban adventures, misadventures, and unexpected events. Artist-types, thrill-seekers, modern-day romantics, and daring readers are encouraged to take the tour.

This story dances with the idea of taking risks, going head-to-head, toe-to toe with life, love, and friendship, and knowing that you might not win the match.  That’s what these characters are all about, taking chances, making choices, and allowing themselves to be vulnerable to others, to trust and believe that good will prevail.  They’re the long shots at the table, rolling the dice and hoping that, one day, they’ll walk away winners… and some of them do.”  – Ernest Langston

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Kindle: $1.99 (you can download the Kindle app for FREE at Amazon and the ebook cost less than a cup of coffee.  It’s a win-win!)

Amazon Prime customers can borrow the ebook version for Free.

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